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The Cardiff Castle Garrison, a well-known living history re-enactment society, descended upon Llantrisant's 13th century castle to display archery and combat for the two-day medieval event in the former Norman fortress town.
Mumbai, March 3 (ANI): A host of Bollywood and political celebrities descended upon the wedding reception of Bollywood actor Ayesha Takia on Monday night.
One hundred elite police officers descended upon an "illegal outpost" near the Shomron community of Yitzhar, destroying it.
How about ``49ers'' after the gold rush of 1849 in the American West, when speculators, businessmen and similar opportunists descended upon a new land hoping to profit?
General Thamer Saadoun, commander of the greater Baghdad police force, assembled 650 officers after two of his officers were shot and killed, "and descended upon a quiet neighborhood in Baghdad," reported the July 24 San Francisco Chronicle.
The "Age of Risk" that has descended upon the marketplace has forced risk-management professionals to hone their leadership and enterprise-risk-management skills.
And as Jesus stood drenched in sinful waters, the heavens were opened by the voice of God declaring Jesus his beloved son, and the Spirit descended upon him.
DESPITE this happy picture, sadness descended upon teenager Lisa Quinn's home in Wyken, Coventry, this week when her beloved dog Sam died.
New Deal investigators descended upon the South to analyze the roots of Southern poverty and the causes of Southern white racism.
None of the villagers was prepared for the shocking event that occurred on that dreadful day the spoilers descended upon them, looking for all the world like monstrous beasts of prey, on their huge belching machines.
Last October, 33 representatives from twelve countries descended upon Jumer's Castle Lodge in Bettendorf Iowa for the first FMS M109 howitzer users' conference.