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On the second night look a little later if the moon is higher in the sky than it was the night before it is ascending, if it is lower it is descending.
These are group nouns, collective terms used to "glue" the descending concepts together.
The enhanced states were at finite fields along the descending branch of a field sweep where [I.
New system - (1) Local Status 1; (2) Regional Status 1; (3) Local Status 2a; (4) Local Status 2b; (5) Local Status 3; (6) Regional Status 2a; (7) Regional Status 2b; (8) Regional Status 3; (9) Nationally in descending order of medical status.
At each observation the patron's choice of options in ascending to or descending from the department store was recorded.
The leading cement-consuming states (Texas, California, Florida, Ohio and Illinois, in descending order) received 38 percent of the November shipments.
Certainly following the airways and the MEAs, and then descending over an initial approach fix or hold would be best.
Pegasus Descending opens with a recounting of Dave Robicheaux' time in an exchange program between the New Orleans Police Dept.
Press the button to open the large handgate and walk down the driveway past the Foxcote House descending the dell past a pond.
Hiking on a mountainside gives the heart a health-promoting challenge, but the nature of the benefit depends on whether one is climbing or descending.