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It does appear that the descent was beginning too early but also that the air traffic controller could have become aware of that and could have alerted the aircraft to the fact it was descending too quickly and into danger.
While the ascending and descending triangles have a built-in bias, the symmetrical triangle is inherently neutral.
The path of the ascending and descending moon is similar to the progress of the sun during the year.
Turn right on the road and after 100 metres take the path on the left, descending down the hill through woods to a bridge.
Tran does know his craft--the reworking of Descending certainly demonstrates his ability to expand a piece made originally for three dancers to accommodate five.
You can ski downhill with skins on, but it slows you, something that can be handy when descending an icy gully.
Holl's play of amorphous and orthogonal, descending and ascending, triggers a reading of the entire structure as a set of caged volumes tethered to the spinal corridor and accessed alternatively from lower and upper internal levels.
A taxonomy is a hierarchical system describing the descending relationships between species and genera.
The motion of the person descending actually generates the dynamic resistance, so the faster the person descends, the greater the resistance, resulting in a safe, constant speed of descent.
Mediastinal abscess resulting from descending necrotizing mediastinitis is a rare infectious process.
As the aircraft was descending, its on board computer warned eight seconds before impact to increase climb.