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Then they put on thick shoes and walked in the park or shrubberies, or beyond the palings into the village, descending upon the cottages, with Lady Southdown's medicine and tracts for the sick people there.
CAMRA organised its biggest ever campaigning event with members descending upon Parliament on Wednesday December 12 for a mass Parliamentary lobby.
Shoppers are descending upon Manhattan's streets in droves, all hoping to grant their loved ones' holiday wishes, and perhaps rewarding themselves in the process.
Likewise, swarms of grasshoppers descending upon a rare patch of carefully-cultivated vegetation conjure nightmarish images of an advancing army.
are descending upon Southern California today to try and lure film and television production to their areas with enticing financial incentives and other perks.
AFTER months of eager anticipation the new extravagant upstart of club land is descending upon Liverpool tonight.