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I'm currently working with Jackie Purver of Retriever, so that's how Descension came about as I knew she was perfect for the track, but I'm also collaborating with Bea Garcia from Twist Helix, Kate Edwards, Faithful Johannes from Outside Your House and Tom Hollingworth, to name a few.
lt;<La Capilla de la Descension y la entrega de la casulla a san Ildefonso>>, Sacra Loca Toletana.
My good sir: I have the pleasure of telling you that with one eye I followed the depths of your vision while with the other eye I observed you during the entire period of your ascension and descension.
1616; "Defensa de la descension de la Virgen nuestra Senora a la S.
1503; Masses for Purification, Annunciation, Visitation, De nivibus, Assumption, Nativity BMV, Conception, Descension, All Saints
This is because the verse states that the Divine descension and sending down is by certain measures and determinations.
Staircase: Ascension (rising to heavens for a higher level and overall view) or descension (toward the earth, rootedness).
Mine closing will result in flooding its workings by groundwater whereas sinkholes will channel descension of precipitation and surface waters.
the nation to broach social problems of descension in the guise of a
This philosophical endeavor is to be placed in between the absolute and the sphere of mere appearance; it is a movement of descension and ascension.
Susan was mesmerized by the sight and failed to notice that the circles were in an ever downward descension.