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In the latter, FTA boxes did not contain the software necessary to illegally descramble encrypted signals (users downloaded the proper software in their homes via the Internet).
The receiver can descramble the program by following the same steps performed by the server in reverse order with the collaboration of smart card and STB [13].
They should work out issues such as when and how to acquire special radio chips to descramble digital public safety radio transmissions in a crisis, Watson said.
What we've done is take this blurred information, descramble it, and reconstruct it into an in-focus image," Boppart says.
The QPSK EVM measurement does not descramble and despread the signal into symbols and back into chips to calculate the reference.
This involves scrambling or encrypting messages in such a way that only the legitimate parties are able to descramble the encrypted message and read the original message.
The guys involved started by taking decoder boxes used by the cable firms, and basically reverse- engineering it to discover what software algorithms were used to scramble the signal in the first place and then working on the code needed to descramble it.