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So there might be an uncountably infinite number of phenomena and only a small, countably infinite subset describable by science.
However, Henson-Conant's distinctive appearance has been very describable, and as a result one may well have a conception of what she'll look like First Night.
We just put our hearts into it, because music expresses our daily life in both Gaza and abroad in a describable way.
In fact, he invokes what could be a killer proposition for the whole enterprise by quoting a remark by Perry Anderson to the effect that modernism 'designates no describable object in its own right at all: it is completely lacking in positive content'.
The juxtaposition of Gregor in the photo and Gregor as an Ungeziefer, a perhaps describable, but clearly "unphotographable" creature, underscores how his metamorphosis can only be represented through a textual medium.
Increasingly in the Chronicle it seems that people are only describable by the fact they have produced children - i.
The second edition builds on the original edition's emphasis on making political processes not only describable, but also explainable and predictable.
The cognitive processes that determine belief may be describable only by rules that go from non-cognitive physical states to cognitive states.
It's very hard to describe what we're doing because if it was describable we probably wouldn't want to do it," says Alan Lane, Slung Low's artistic director.
In fact, using a little number theory shows that the reverse is true--every PPT is describable in this way.
Also, the very fact that the hard reaction in DIS is describable in perturbation theory means that we are dealing with a different quantum mechanical object than an undisturbed proton.