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The centerpiece of the book is a long chapter that describes the last two "developments in courting regimes.
The pleasurable work which Morris goes on to describe includes house-building, gardening, farming, the work of the smithy and weaving.
Participants were also asked to describe their most recent main and their most recent casual partner-defined, respectively, as "a person that you have sex with and are serious about" and "a person you have sex with but are not serious about and who you may have sex with only once, a few times, or an ongoing casual basis.
They describe the procedures involved in both quantitative and qualitative content analysis and provide detailed information on coding and analyzing the data.
Underhill then goes on to describe, using clear diagrams and maps, the tectonic and stratigraphic controls on the development of the oil and gas plays though geological time, with reference to relevant fields described in the volume.
Dictionaries describe reliability as: dependability, trustworthiness, consistency.
Drake University scholars describe a project that helps graduate students to investigate the impacts of "digital citizenship" in a service-learning laboratory.
To appreciate how XBRL works, CPAs need to understand the concept of the instance document (see exhibit 2, page 65), which describes a financial data element, such as cash, and contains
A chapter covering post-translational modifications describes detection of phosphorylated and glycosylated proteins as well as immunoaffinity chromatography, phosphopeptide mapping, and isotopic labeling and collision-induced dissociation strategies.
Describe how the technical baseline will be developed, managed, and used to control system requirements, design, integration, verification, and validation.
Part III describes musical development starting from before birth and describes what musical behaviors are typical at each developmental stage.