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In section 3, we describe how corpus analysis techniques can be used to analyze larger samples of audio description and develop a preliminary classification of ways in which describers convey information about characters' mental states.
Describers have ideally had a good opportunity to get ready for each new show.
Although it is much easier for audio describers to cooperate directly with directors from the same country, as was the case with Udo and Fels (2009), it is much more difficult with foreign films, especially those by world-famous directors.
Morphological describers include all characteristics that easily identify and differentiate them among the accesses of culture in the field.
When the describer makes a crossword puzzle, FunWords collects word-sense, described as descriptions, from the correct answer, which is then solved by multiple random players.
It was a wonderful play and thanks to modem technology and the two lady describers, it was an inspirational experience.
Pozzulo and Warren (2003) found that adults were better describers both quantitatively and qualitatively than were 10 to 14 year old youths.
Over the last few years a large amount of algorithms assessing colour describers has been developed, yet most of them being hinted to be used in classifying industrial products, while their adjustment to the classification of vegetal products does not provide the best results.
While it does happen that the describers build up a hidden textual layer inside the work, or that the described and the describer are reversed, these techniques are notable especially because they deviate from the norm.
Our describers, Jonathan Nash and Julia Grundy, will do an awful lot of pre-preparation.