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A DECISION that will see an MP from West Yorkshire sit on a parlimentary committee for Wales has been descried as "bizarre".
2017 found the accused Ostoja Stanisic guilty of committing, with the acts descried in the enactment clause of the Judgment, the criminal offense of Genocide in violation of Article 141 of the CC SFRY, as read with Article 24 of the same Code.
He descried the programme as a positive development, saying it would ensure closure of the gap between primary and secondary schools feeding.
According to reports and townspeople, the mosque is permanently used by Sufi followers which are a branch of Sunni Islam that is often descried as Islamic Mysticism and seen by extremists as apostasy.
Unfortunately in what can only be descried as a classic case of corporate hari-kari in a speech to business leaders he described a decanter as "crap".
Tillerson descried the Russian alleged interference as an extremely "dangerous" matter.
Khartoum, 3 August (SUNA) - The Sudan Council for National Unity Parties has descried the verdict by an American court against the Sudan, with regards to blowing up of two US embassies in Dar E-Salam and Nairobi, as targeting the Sudan and was not based on evidence goes contrary to justice.
Herstyle is descried as both intimate and rebellious —she has a special, intimate relationship with the Arabic language and she rebels against the traditions and expectations of previous collective generations.
State Information minister, Bona Gaudensio, descried those occupying the land as outlaw and that the state council of ministers will soon take a decision on the matter.
Two wallets, the first containing around e1/44,145 and what is descried as a large number of foreign banknotes, and the other with about e1/43,650 were discovered along with a bag holding e1/46,141 and a purse with e1/41,350.
Mr Irvine descried the council's vision of creating a "green village community" as Orwellian.