descriptive account

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It was a minute anatomical and generally descriptive account of the large fulvous Ourang-Outang of the East Indian Islands.
Written for general readers and students in high school and up, this accessible, descriptive account chronicles the rise of Harlem as an African American cultural center from the late 19th century to the early 1970s, combining history, social and political aspects, and legislation and legal issues, as well as art, music, and literature of the period.
A rare copy of A Descriptive Account of the Famous Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava has been put up for sale by a private collector.
It provides a descriptive account by an author who confessed his shortcomings as a writer.
Laksana offers a richly descriptive account of six pilgrimage sites (three Muslim, three Catholic) in south central Java, Indonesia, where tens of thousands of pilgrims annually spend anywhere from a few hours to a few days or weeks in prayer and visitation.
Burrough tells the sordid tale of this bygone era in a lively, engagingly descriptive account in the context of the times, but also with an eye on contemporary developments.
Canada the Good begins with a descriptive account from above of the French state and the Roman Catholic Church as forces of European morality in the New World in the years 1500 to 1700.
Hamlin presents his project as "a descriptive account of English response to Montaigne during the early decades of his presence within the national vernacular and the English readerly imagination" (3).
This volume, then, is a detailed yet accessible descriptive account of its subject, equally able to stand alone or as partner to the author's second volume.
In an effort to demystify them as an investment vehicle, we have endeavored to provide a descriptive account of MLPs: what they are, how they are organized and managed, how these entities (and their unit-holders) are taxed for U.
Being able to construct a clear narrative, in a fictional form as a story, or in a non-fictional form as a descriptive account or a set of instructions, is a crucial skill, both within educational contexts and in the wider world of work and leisure.
Maine Rubicon, his descriptive account of downeast settlers during the American Revolution, became especially popular and is now in its fourth printing.

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