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noun antetype, archetype, copy, copy in miniature, design, example, exemplar, exemplum, gauge, guide, ideal, image, imitation, miniature, mold, paradigm, paragon, pattern, plan, precedent, prototype, replica, representation, sample, specimen, standard
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See also: absolute, arrangement, build, case, code, copy, criterion, design, epitome, example, exemplar, exemplary, forge, form, guide, ideal, illustration, instance, laudable, make, norm, paradigm, paragon, paramount, pattern, precedent, principle, produce, professional, prototype, representative, rule, sample, specimen, standard, stellar, style, symbol, typical

MODEL. A machine made on a small scale to show the manner in which it is to be worked or employed.
     2. The Act of Congress of July 4, 1836, section 6, requires an inventor who is desirous to take out a patent for his invention, to furnish a model of his invention, in all cases which admit of representation by model, of a convenient size to exhibit advantageously its several parts.

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41) If the descriptive model of evidence acts like a survey, then the normative model acts like a blueprint, illustrating a desired form that we might wish fact-finding inference to take.
While the concepts sociocultural space and social space as descriptive models can be traced to some specific definition, the concept of cultural space tends to retain specific vagueness in present discussion, as well as in general usage since the term lacks a uniformly accepted definition.
Our findings thus add to the current literature on logistics outsourcing by providing both a descriptive model of how some companies evaluate and apply logistics outsourcing as a company strategy and a typology of input factors influencing the process that extends previous research beyond cognitive and experiential factors.
The descriptive model is proposed in this article with the accent on decision making processes where managers operate in crisis situations in turbulent business environments based on an intuition and managerial experience.
Descriptive models of populations are all that is required," is internally contradictory.
Once validated, descriptive models can be used as predictive models of future contact center performance (hint: always insist on model validation for any predictive system).
and Neal Lane becomes not moving from rational to descriptive models of innovation but rather developing a predictive understanding of when to support individual investigators versus boundary-spanning research centers or networks and, in the case of the latter, how to get the incentives right to ensure innovation in the national interest.
Simplification enables the conversion of high-level descriptive models into smaller executable models for faster execution and provides for better analysis, higher efficiency, and more accurate simulation.

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