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"All corrupt officers are still working on key posts and Director of Anti-Corruption is at the top, have nothing to descry government's commitment to accountability," the former federal minister expressed these views in a press conference.
BLIND TYPE (legible in dawn light) in this London vellum copy of Aldo's 1501 Vergil comes from Purgatorlo Canto 28, where Dante and Vergil descry Eden across the River ol Forgetting.
CALLED BY ITS SPONSOR, the National Endowment for the Humanities, "the highest honor the federal government bestows for distinguished intellectual and public achievement in the humanities," the annual Jefferson Lecture has been delivered by such a variety of historians, scholars, novelists, and poets as to frustrate all efforts to descry a party line among them, although individual lecturers have been famously partisan (e.g., Toni Morrison, Arthur Miller, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.).
Church councils were called to descry from the scriptures and experience and put into words the common faith, forming a bedrock.
Bertram Nickolay of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK in Berlin have designed "descry" - a program that tracks and deletes the photographs of child abuse victims automatedly.
This will provide a better perspective on how these two 21st century historians evaluate Tench and descry 'Aboriginal agency' in his and related documents of the time detailing the British engagements with the Aboriginal inhabitants at the inception of the colonisation of Australia.
(69) Murray's point is not to descry some lurking Black Power masculinism in Major's later work.
And in things yet unheard we shall descry ancient roots, in glittering visions yet unseen we shall know our own dear land!" (Translations by Granoien and Green.)
Among those paintings that Eller ascribes shrewdly--if controversially--to Giorgione is the Oxford Madonna and Child, in which he claims to descry a signature.
Maybe those who descry people for looking backwards in a nostalgic those-were the-days way are actually the new bores - for how can it be interesting to live as unthinkingly as many do today?