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After the King assassination, the city of Evanston, Illinois, a large suburb that borders Chicago, was involved in a program to desegregate their schools.
The story of the 17-year journey to desegregate the public school system was captured on tape and is narrated by Holland's granddaughter.
Historian William Henry Kellar's book, Make Haste Slowly: Moderates, Conservatives, and School Desegregation in Houston (1999), examines how it was possible for the largest segregated public school system in the nation to desegregate peacefully in the fall of 1960.
As a result of Johnson, California prison officials are required to desegregate the cells in their reception centers and likely their long-term prison units.
He later led a successful campaign to desegregate Stuyvesant Town, a privately-owned housing development in New York--the city that Talbot called home.
Early cold war social workers also looked to their own backyards and encouraged agencies and schools to desegregate caseloads, cease discriminatory practices in hiring and service provision, and integrate agency boards (Berry, 1963; Granger, 1948; Hosch, 1948; Lindeman, 1948; Olds, 1961; Simons, 1956; Solinger, 1992).
In the summer of 1947, the Army Air Forces integrated aviation training at Randolph Field, Texas; and in April 1948, Gen Carl Spaatz, the first Air Force chief of staff, publicly announced that the Air Force would desegregate to improve its combat effectiveness.
In some cases, receivers have had to desegregate public housing to address fair housing violations.
Summers, 81, helped lead a campaign to desegregate Evanston's public schools in the 1960s.
In the heat exchanger, excessively high flow rates can desegregate the casein network prematurely.
He began trying to desegregate the police department, then the buses, then the bus terminal, eventually the schools and all public accommodations.
He re-establishes for the public record those occasions when Sojourner Truth's speech and actions were powerful assertions of human rights, such as her ride-ins to desegregate horse cars.