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Lamb maintains, however, that the white baseball establishment largely turned a blind eye to the black sportswriters' campaign to desegregate baseball.
When we approached the owners of the other private day camps in our suburban area of Chicago to desegregate their day camp, they thought they would lose campers.
Macht's claim conveniently ignores the fact that the NFL was the first professional sport to desegregate, that African Americans were playing intercollegiate sports all through its history, and that President Roosevelt's Executive Order 8802, by which he created the Fair Employment Practices Commission, was issued in 1941, well before the desegregation of baseball.
The story of the 17-year journey to desegregate the public school system was captured on tape and is narrated by Holland's granddaughter.
Occurring some seven years before the Houston Independent School District began to desegregate, the public library's policy change depended on a few key individuals.
Coffield (1977), a massive class-action suit that forced Texas prison officials to desegregate inmate housing areas, including double cells.
As African-American officers were transferred to desegregate white Air Force squadrons, the 477th faded into nonexistence.
Her commitment to civil rights was absolutely tremendous," says Hank Thomas of Stone Mountain, Georgia, one of the original 13 Freedom Riders represented by Motley when they tested compliance of the Supreme Court's ruling to desegregate interstate transportation.
The boycott lasted 381 days, and legal challenges led to a US Supreme Court decision that forced Montgomery to desegregate its bus system and put an end to "Jim Crow" laws separating blacks and whites at public facilities throughout the South
Goldwater--who helped desegregate the Arizona Air National Guard two years before Truman desegregated the Army, helped desegregate the Phoenix public schools a year before Brown v.