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The closure of schools prompted Phi Delta Kappa to abandon its previously neutral stance regarding how best to desegregate. Five years earlier, in his opening editorial in Kappan's January 1959 issue ("Desegregation?
Albans Board approved a plan to desegregate the school over the course of three years, beginning in its elementary school.
In Lamb's estimation, understanding the role of black sportswriters--and their handful of white allies--in the collapse of the color barrier enriches our appreciation of the long campaign to desegregate the sport.
Josephine Boyd Bradley's chosen career as a professor of African American Studies can be viewed as an outgrowth of her experience of being the first black student to desegregate the previously all-white Greensboro (North Carolina) High School.
Arkansas chose to nullify the federal government's order to desegregate public schools after the 1954 Brown v.
For us, the time had come to finally implement a plan to desegregate our white suburban day camp.
Just as is the case with racial integration, it is imperative to gather additional evidence as part of any efforts to desegregate by income or SES more generally defined.
Aaron upheld the 1954 Brown decision and required Faubus to desegregate Central High School "with all deliberate speed."
First, to blame baseball's failure to desegregate on the customers--or, as Macht would have it, "our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents"--is ludicrous.
3 : desegregate <The schools are being integrated.>
When 14-year-old Sekayia Holland speaks about her late grandfather's struggle to desegregate Palm Beach County's public schools, students listen.