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Well, maybe he only wanted to get us back here, and then he'll desert, too.
We must have covered a good distance during the night, for we suddenly found ourselves on the edge of the desert, an immense desert of sand, stones and rocks.
Then three of them took counsel together and determined to desert.
His long legs were stretched straight before him overlapping the meager blanket, his spurs buried in the sandy soil of the little desert oasis.
Tis well,' said I; 'Kosato will go alone to the desert.
This region, which resembles one of the immeasurable steppes of Asia, has not inaptly been termed "the great American desert.
Surely there is in some sort a right in every suit; either a right of equity, if it be a suit of controversy; or a right of desert, if it be a suit of petition.
But the first thing to do is to cross the desert, and then it should be easy to find your way home.
We were to attempt our escape together, so I cannot desert him.
All the desert glared so fiercely that my eyes were swimming in tears all the time.
The appearance of this part of Africa was, moreover, quite calculated to inspire alarm: the desert was gradually expanding around them; not another village was to be seen--not even a collection of a few huts; and vegetation also was disappearing.
Once I saw the peaks of the mountains that border them, but there were a hundred and thirty miles of desert between me and them, and I am not aware that any white man ever got across it save one.