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DESERTER. One who abandons his post; as, a soldier who abandons the public service without leave; or a sailor who abandons a ship when he has engaged to serve.

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One subject that officers frequently included in deserter notices was the birthplaces of runaway soldiers.
Riding through the piney woods of southern Georgia at the end of the Civil War, Union Brigadier General Benjamin Grierson noted the country was "filled with armed marauders, composed mostly of deserters from the late rebel armies who have returned to find their families suffering from the neglect of the wealthy leaders, at whose instigation they joined the rebel ranks.
The move follows a call by Defence Secretary Des Browne, who has ordered an urgent review of Government policy on executed deserters.
But the ``XXX'' deserter made it about a decade before he should have.
In one case, Andre Kortov, a Russian military deserter, sought refuge in England.
Don't Despise The Deserter was written at the time of the Falklands conflict but its message is as important today.
In the historical literature, the typical deserter is often depicted as a "late-enlisting, poor, cowardly farmer with dependent children at home" (11) Though compelling, this image is not necessarily accurate, as analysis of attendance records for three regiments of the South Carolina Infantry will show.
In the opening scene, introduced quietly by a 12-piece pit orchestra playing mildly Asian sounds, a young ship's deserter escapes into the wilds near Stanley Park, ending up in the garden of the Mackenzie family, which takes him in, cleans him up and apprentices him to a builder.
They also founded K Ballet in Japan with fellow deserter Tetsuya Kumakawa before returning in 2001 to start George Piper Dances.
Still, if convicted as a deserter, he could face up to two years in military prison.
Although two large pictures of striding figures do contain isolated passages of compelling painting (the dappled forest floor of Deserter, 2002, for example), Furnas's delicate chiaroscuro clearly works better on a smaller scale (as in watercolors included in this year's Armory Show).
Hardline unionists last night warned the Northern Ireland peace process has suffered a hammer blow after a guerrilla deserter claimed IRA members provided weapons and explosives training to Colombian rebels.