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According to a press release issued here on Monday, the deserving women having Benazir Card or with their thumb impression can get their three months stipend Rs 4834 from a BISP agent or nearby ATM machine.
In a ceremony, Sanai said on the direction of Punjab government, Bait ul mal department was providing financial assistance to disables, widows, needy people and deserving students.
Ang tanong ngayon, deserving ba iyong dating pangulong Marcos para ilibing doon?
He appealed to philanthropists people to put their share in this noble cause and supplement the government efforts for the welfare of deserving persons.
The things Kenny Dalglish has done go far beyond anything a football manager should have to do and so, yes, he is very much deserving of a knighthood.
Al Araimi affirmed that computers will be distributed for families deserving the Royal grant who have sons at schools and higher education institutions.
Happy Father's Day to all the many deserving dads and grandads out there.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Registered voters are about evenly divided over whether President Barack Obama is deserving of a second term in office.
On the second question: Abu Rayhan said: John Philoponos is far from [deserving] to be described as mischievous; Aristotle, the embellisher of his own infidelity, is more deserving of this description.
MUM-to-be Gwyneth Paltrow has come top of a list of least deserving Oscar winners.
Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has come top of a list of least deserving Oscar winners.
But now the 31-year-old, who is expecting a child with Coldplay singer Chris Martin, has been voted the least deserving recipient of a best actress Oscar, followed by Halle Berry for Monster's Ball and Cher for Moonstruck.