deserving of condemnation

See: sinister
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I cringed the moment a furious MP showed me the caricature last week, as the toxic black stereotyping is so obvious, hurtful and deserving of condemnation.
Each day Turkey does something deserving of condemnation by international democratic institutions and professional organizations in connection with the pressures and illegal acts it perpetrates against journalists.
Whether in its settlement policies, construction of the Apartheid Wall, its ethnic cleansing and "Judaization" of Jerusalem and the Naqab (Negev), its criminal blockade of Gaza, its denial of the UN-sanctioned rights of the Palestinian refugees, its violation of the rights of Palestinian prisoners (including children), its demolition of Palestinian homes, and its countless other illegal policies, Israel is undoubtedly guilty of gross human rights abuses, deserving of condemnation and sanctions, not rewards and benefits.
What is deserving of condemnation are the deliberately misleading and puerile attempts of journalists and others to claim him as Welsh against all the evidence simply to provide some sort of excuse to support England.
However, I consider rats to be a lot better than many humans and some humans in the world more verminous, more deserving of condemnation and damnation than any other creature with which we share this world.
However limited it may be, it is not deserving of condemnation.