deserving of praise

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His friends, and he had many, who, as well as Cedric, were passionately attached to him, contended that this sluggish temper arose not from want of courage, but from mere want of decision; others alleged that his hereditary vice of drunkenness had obscured his faculties, never of a very acute order, and that the passive courage and meek good-nature which remained behind, were merely the dregs of a character that might have been deserving of praise, but of which all the valuable parts had flown off in the progress of a long course of brutal debauchery.
Because I can't think of someone in comedy more deserving of praise than Allison.
attorney in West Virginia reminds me of other recent heroes deserving of praise.
I have always found the catering service to be of a very high standard and deserving of praise.
But surely no more deserving of praise than our favourite exchanges blogger, thebetfairtrader.
The arrest made a short while ago in Rome of the Somali Osman Hussain, a naturalised British citizen, the fourth suspected attacker on July 21 in London, is really deserving of praise,' Pisanu said in a brief statement.
5, against Bellshill, and the manager revealed his squad are equally deserving of praise.
But that last run, though deserving of praise, may paint a false picture as there was little depth in the field and two miles is a distance very rarely run at international meetings.
However, supervisors must remember that individual acts deserving of praise make up only a small part of an employee's total performance.
Though undeniably these poets often affirm or imply that "Being" is deserving of praise, their "Amen" was more desperate and precarious, less continual and resounding than the one Scott hears in them.