deserving of punishment

See: guilty
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The theft and damage to the plaque was an abhorrent act, after all, deserving of punishment.
Addressing a press conference in Muzaffargarh, she said that the FIR in her particular case was weak, opining that those acquitted were as deserving of punishment as the only one sentenced.
Since when was overfilling your bin more deserving of punishment than rape?
Indeed the word "damn" fundamentally means that someone is declared to be guilty and deserving of punishment.
In the Consumer Analysis Group poll for film-makers Columbia Tristar, McCririck received 18 per cent of the vote after 1,000 people were asked to nominate the celebrity they found most enraging and deserving of punishment.
Although the Commonwealth's attempts to have adulterers put to death failed, at the Restoration adultery was still considered a great sin deserving of punishment.
I agree, football clubs must be open to scrutiny and if Gillingham have done anything wrong, they are deserving of punishment.
There is no dispute that her crimes were of the utmost gravity and deserving of punishment," said Mr Fitzgerald.
Even when trials target those most deserving of punishment, there are limits to what they can accomplish.
would not be outlaw behavior by the Valley deserving of punishment, nor would we be in effect ``kicked out,'' like a rejected paramour leaving with the clothes on her back.