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In winning the Jack Daly cup for only the second time in the club's history, they bridged a 100 year gap to the last time when the senior hurling and football titles in Clare were held by the same club With 10 of the same starting 15 that triumphed last week in the hurling final they deservingly added the football title to their collection.
Residents out on Stockton high street told The Gazette of why they love the town and why they think it has been deservingly ranked as one of the best.
As one of Williamsburg's most luxurious residential developments, 101 Bedford deservingly commands some of the highest rents in the area and offers one of the most spectacular amenity packages ever built," said Adam Heller, president of the firm.
Last year, critics and Android fans heaped praise on the HTC One for its superior build quality, and it deservingly won the 'Best Smartphone of the Year (2013)' at the recently concluded MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2014.
It was marvellous, I recall, and deservingly went on to win great accolades and Oscar nominations for Julie and her co-star Michael Caine.
According to S&P Dow Jones report, the ESM has met all the necessary requirements to deservingly earn the upgrade which was consensually agreed by all market parties.
The 2013 winner for Best Innovation in Process Development was deservingly won by API Corporation , acknowledging the Company's leading catalytic system for C-H activation.
Three weeks have passed since the Egyptian army's commander-in-chief Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi made his very impressive and deservingly historic speech announcing the ouster of Mohamed Morsi from the presidency.
I find it difficult to ignore such contemptuous rudeness and so I answered deservingly.
Two minutes from recess, Mali deservingly increased the tally with the second goal through Keita.
Matthew Metcalfe, a supervisor in the motor claims department at the firm, who worked closely with the apprentices, said: "They have each developed to a point where they are providing excellent customer service, have sound knowledge of the claims environment and have been deservingly rewarded with full-time roles.
Later they were outstanding in the field and they deservingly won.