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2011a, 2011b), we manipulated the type of envy by presenting different levels of deservingness of possessing an Apple watch.
In a climate of accelerated and punitive border, immigration, and asylum enforcement, child-only protections are increasingly valuable, to the asylum-seeker but also to the moral sense of deservingness felt by the community offering them.
Deservingness and gratitude in the context of heart transplantation.
On Deservingness Criteria and the Conditionality of Solidarity among the Public.
52) Because God alone is necessary existence in itself, God alone is the very deservingness of existence, "the rest of things {i.
In the United States, suffrage is equated to citizenship and citizenship defines membership, decision-making authority, and deservingness.
Integrating multiple perspectives on schadenfreude: The role of deservingness and emotions, Motivation and Emotion, 37, 574-585.
This is driven by people's sense of deservingness," says study coauthor Rebecca Reczek.
There is an increasingly complex institutional framework through which rights and obligations are stratified among citizens and non-citizens, as well as between citizens: measuring of wealth and income, discursively bounding to the politics of integration, creating levels of deservingness and belonging that enforce the individual to obey the structural political system.
The Mercy philosophy was trusting, and was not pre-occupied with questions of deservingness.
Absent a legal anchor for the foundation of a right to education, Newman (2013) stresses that the right to education, while aspirational, is rooted in deservingness.
The effect of other consumers' prices on inferences of seller (Dis) respect and perceptions of deservingness violation.