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Making 'self-reliance' the basis of eligibility to state aid thus institutionalizes a logic of deservingness to development aid in which poor communities must compete with each other to 'share' responsibility for development in ways that can legitimize an unfair and ineffective allocation of state aid.
Concerns about comparative deservingness are also frequently raised
Does this belief prove deservingness? No, this again is an idea that cannot, except by fiat, be proven or disproven.
Por otro lado, no se encontraron diferencias en los niveles de derecho psicologico (entitlement) entre los participantes que experimentaron envidia maligna y envidia benigna, coincidente con los antecedentes teoricos que distinguen el derecho psicologico (entitlement) del merecimiento (deservingness) (Feather, 2003; Van de Ven et al., 2012).
Entitled individuals' sense of deservingness stems from who they are, not what they do.
The three main principles of entitlement discussed in welfare literature are need, work, and citizenship/residence, and these rest on different notions of deservingness (Sainsbury 2012).
Even for those who can access care by traveling, restrictive laws create a moral economy of deservingness: exile is the price for accessing abortion care.
Making sense of misfortune: Deservingness, self-esteem, and patterns of self-defeat.
This is particularly problematic in light of the current public debate surrounding the deservingness of protection: is someone only entitled to protection if fleeing for reasons recognized by the traditional refugee protection regime of Article 1(A)2 CRSR or subsidiary protection regimes such as Article 15 of the EU Qualifications Directive?
"Discourses of Displacement and Deservingness: Interrogating Distinctions between 'Economic' and 'Forced' Migration".
These may contribute to rumination about deservingness in organ transplant recipients (O'Brien, Donaghue, Walker, & Wood, 2014).