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We take these roles to be plausible desiderata for any metaphysical account of the kind of object Beethoven created when he composed his Sonata No.
Two desiderata Gutas lists for continuing study on post-Avicenniana are largely historicist.
The reason for this tension is that the Foundation requires the collaboration of mathematicians and mathematics educators, and prominent representatives of the two groups often take differing positions on the desiderata of mathematics education.
I'm tempted at this point to lapse into a kind of Desiderata or Sunscreen speech full of platitudes and cod philosophy designed to guide the boy through his last few difficult steps over the threshold of manhood.
As a response, the authors give 10 desiderata for agents and agent platforms.
We can't make ourselves hostage to Russian desiderata in this relationship.
Mario Bunge has identified seven desiderata that should be considered before a judgment is deemed rational: (1) conceptual clarity; (2) logical consistency; (3) ontological realism; (4) epistemological reflection; (5) methodological rigor; (6) practicality; and (7) valuational selection.
This does not mean the same as being similar, as in categories of social science, or equivalent, as in egalitarianism, but equal in terms of the right to have anyone's desiderata become the seed for purposeful change.
We articulate desiderata that constrain and guide the design, so that, starting from an initial nontemporal query language (e.
Diachronic coherence here is just a byproduct of the true epistemic desiderata.
So, here are a few desiderata for avoiding risks in the future - or at least for dramatically reducing them.