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It is important to note that these desiderata do not include any of the jobs considered by Lewis (1986)--except, perhaps, for (v) when considered as an account of resemblance among musical and literary works, which is desideratum (d)--most importantly, our theory need not get job (vi) done (i.
The commercial enterprises for which the quality culture is a desideratum should accomplish certain goals: their entire activity is focused on the client, the care for their own employees, their resources and the promotional policy should reflect the reality.
The traditional epistemological approach fails on the second desideratum, suggesting the more radical alternative of analyzing first-person authority in terms of a rational and self-regulative capacity we have to author our own intentional states.
Of course, filmmakers aren't bound by the desideratum of realizing clinical accuracy, even if they have had experience with mentally ill persons, and I wholeheartedly defend the director's/screenwriter's/actor's prerogative of taking artistic license.
Desideratum will be exhibited until February 1 as part of a programme of events at the cathedral throughout Capital of Culture year.
His huge triptych, titled Desideratum, is on show all through January to mark the opening of Liverpool's year as European Capital of Culture.
que pasan por ser el desideratum modernista de su tiempo.
Such exemplars also serve to ground Shuger's point that in Tudor-Stuart England, pace Milton (and Christopher Hill), freedom of the press was not a desideratum.
Brown's summation: the "female line of tradition has been all but forgotten" (71) and it remains a desideratum of scholarship to trace Naubert's effect on other women writers in Germany.
He didn't disappoint his followers, galloping on powerfully through the final quarter mile to deny Desideratum by two and a half lengths.
The son of Montjeu travelled well all the way on the leader's shoulder and fairly flew for Kieren Fallon in the straight to brush aside Desideratum.
The son of Montjeu was briefly challenged by Desideratum two furlongs from home, but found plenty when asked and quickened away for a clear-cut success.