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Designs and manufactures injection, compression and blow molds for automotive prototype and production tooling including part-design support.
Sheena Chun, design, La Crescenta; Jessica Chessum, design, La Crescenta; Deborah Kwak, design, La Crescenta; Miryung Park, design, La Crescenta; Eun Jung Park, design, La Crescenta; Kang Ah Yoo, design, La Crescenta; Hannah Kim, design, La Crescenta; Isshin Morimoto, design, La Crescenta;
Recently we negotiated an interior design fee with a major long-term care provider.
In an effort to provide companies and government design agencies with an optimized process, the U.
This article analyzes the new revenue procedure and its implication for taxpayers incurring package design costs.
The Filtrete air purifier received the 2006 GOOD Design Award from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design (household products category), and the 3M multimedia projector was selected for inclusion in the ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale) Design Index 2006, a publication in Italy that recognizes select products for quality and innovation in aesthetics, form, function and type.
Complete in-house design facilities are available and CNC machining capabilities provided.
At 65nm and below, manufacturing faults such as "bridging" and "pinching" need to be detected and fixed much earlier in the design flow.
Further, litho-related layout modifications done in isolation of design metrics, such as timing and variation, could result in performance degradation and timing-related chip failures.
Design for variability on complex designs is supported through concurrent multi-mode/multi-corner and native on-chip variation (OCV) analysis with timing and crosstalk noise optimizations.
They can reach design closure faster and with more confidence by accelerating the productivity of the people, tools and compute resources they already have in place.