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Even though oil experts in the early 1970s conceded that the Prudhoe Bay field wouldn't last more than about two decades, and that the next most convenient field lay just to the east in ANWR, they allowed that range to be designated as Wilderness, also knowing full well that when ANWR "needed to be drilled," that "need" could be brought home to every American with gasoline price hikes.
But if they do, both states systems will be "switched on' (as Chicago's never was), and analysts will be able to compare the effectiveness of these free market trauma systems with that of government designated systems, such as the one in Orange County, California (see "One Doctor's Fight for Emergency Care,' p.
The use of designated drivers has helped lower the number of drunk- driving fatalities by 37 percent since 1982," said John Kaestner, vice president of Consumer Affairs for Anheuser-Busch.
3 Our special situations, such as set plays, out-of-bounds calls, options, and the like are designated by proper names: Cazzie, Mo, UCLA, Dubuque, Yankton, Bemidji, Phila.
In addition, the IRS would be required to notify the taxpayer in writing that the issuance of a designated summons was imminent and the reason any response previously received was insufficient.
Second, under certain rules, UK authorized firms may treat transactions effected on a Designated Investment Exchange in the same way as transactions on a recognised investment exchange.
We've found that most drivers don't like to leave their cars behind, after they've had a few too many drinks," says Phil Baca, retired Albuquerque Police Sargent and the founder of Designated Drivers, "Fortunately, many of those drivers are responsible enough to find a designated driver to help them get home.
Although the Nitrates Directive has been in force since 1991, Greece has still not designated a number of zones vulnerable to nitrates pollution, and it has yet to adopt measures to effectively combat nitrates pollution in these zones.
Under the bill, BS-19 officers in ASF were given designation of Deputy Director, whereas BS-18 officers in FIA are also designated as Deputy Director.
ISLAMABAD, May 27 -- Pakistan's ambassadors and high commissioners designated to Malaysia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Greece and Sri Lanka separately called on President Asif Ali Zardari at the Presidency and discussed matters relating to their new assignments, according to a press release issued on Wednesday.
Anheuser-Busch can never resist a good double-entendre, in this case using one to add spice to the company's new designated driver campaign, launched last week.
00 (US) will be designated as Sweepstakes Contributors.