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Although Designated Zones are part of the UAE territory, the Ministry continued, for VAT purposes, they are treated as being outside the UAE.
The Designated Zones were defined in Cabinet Decision No.
Courts in a majority of jurisdictions have interpreted designated-premises endorsements as requiring a causal connection between the damages in question and the "ownership, maintenance or use of" the designated premises and the "necessary or incidental" operations of those premises.
We hope this year's designated driver campaign will capture adults' attention and encourage them to celebrate responsibly during their festivities.
The Act states that in granting a waiver, the Secretary must determine that the waiver - "(1) is expected to increase organ donation; and (2) will ensure equitable treatment of patients referred for transplants within the service area served by the designated OPO and within the service area served by the OPO with which the hospital seeks to enter into an agreement under the waiver.
The normal placement of the two "wings" of the "2 Press" is halfway behind and halfway on the inside of the first offensive player in their respective areas as well as the "ball-you-man (in your area) flat triangle" of the two designated "trappers.
Only other members of The Florida Bar may be designated as an inventory attorney.
Finally, deferred amounts must be maintained by the plan in a separate, designated Roth account.
He designated several vegetarian and animal rights organizations as the beneficiaries.
In July 2001, OFAC issued specific insurance mandates that prohibit insurers from "transacting" business with anyone on its list of "Specified Designated Nationals" or with entities in Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya and the Sudan or anyone connected to the Taliban.