designated ground

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Services include advanced planning and special studies, development of designated ground systems, operational support for design and development of flight hardware and ground systems, servicing and processing of spacecraft, payload, and launch vehicles, ground systems services, and logistics and other processing support services at Kennedy.
Both Kirobo and Mirata, which is the designated ground crew robot, are equipped for question and answer conversations.
Both Kirobo and Mirata which is the designated ground crew robot are equipped for question and answer conversations.
Following an extensive review and consultation with stakeholders, the CAA has designated ground handling as one of its 'Significant 7' safety risks and, within that segment, has chosen the application of ground power to live aircraft as one of its three special focuses for 2013.
Both Bala and Prestatyn have nominated Rhyl''s Belle Vue as their designated ground to play their home ties, so Uefa will decide which club will play their home tie first.
If you're planning early sowings, cover the designated ground in fleece and anchor it with bricks.
As long as the resistance of the connection to a designated ground exists and remains below 5 ohms, a bright green LED display inside the hazardous area assures the operator that no dangerous static electricity build-up can occur.
The early settlers and subsequent occupiers often designated ground where the deceased were buried and memorials in the common form of tombstones were erected.
It is an offence for an owner not to clean up after their dog on designated ground.
With Cappielow not capable of hosting the match, Morton will have to look at the nearest designated ground, which is the home of rivals St Mirren.
Each would illuminate its designated ground target with the light of 30 to 50 full Moons for up to 40 minutes of each orbit.

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