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Appendix A: Council Resolution Designating Bodies to Promulgate Technical Standards [ET Appendix A]
Experts suggest that companies can best manage the monitoring of the OFAC list by designating a person in the company to check the list regularly.
In particular, the Commissioner should refrain from designating Category A methods that arise from interpretative regulations or even legislative regulations that are not expressly prescribed by a statute's legislative history.
But an even bigger issue is getting Idaho's federal legislators to agree on designating more wilderness areas.
The problem stems from the truth of the following compatibility claim: (CC) A term's restrictedly rigidly designating (RR-designating) an object x is compatible with it designating an object y in a world W where x exists but is distinct from y.
Although consultants were quickly onto the Wilderness Act with plans and proposals, bureaucrats at the Interior and Agriculture departments were more immediately concerned with the President's wife's beautification program than with designating potential Wilderness Areas in remote corners of the country where few, if any, registered voters resided.