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If indeed we want a pure causal theory of reference with no supplementation, and we accept the evident assumption of inter-world reference, then adhering to the claim that names are rigid designators is unavoidable.
Later on in Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom, we put a laser designator pod on a B-52.
The user should not need to rely on naming conventions (reference designators and net names) to maintain the physical interconnect structure of a circuit.
He pointed out that, when the laser designator module is removed, the LLDR becomes 12 pounds lighter.
In response to this problem I distinguished between two types of rigid designator.
Having successfully completed live-fire testing of the technology, AAI moves into the low-rate initial production phase of this project, during which the laser designator will be readied for full-rate production and retrofit to delivered Shadow systems.
With this agreement, Singapore Airlines will be adding its SQ designator code to Air France-operated flights beyond Paris to 10 destinations Aberdeen, Bordeaux, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Lyon, Madrid, Marseille, Newcastle, Nice and Toulouse.
Illuminated by a laser designator on the weapon system, the TALON guided to a direct hit of a target.
Only officers holding an IDC designator (18XX) or IDC LDO designator (642X, 644X, 645X or 646X) are eligible.
Karen Dallas whose request to transfer from designator 6510 to designator 3100 was confirmed by the Senate this past May.
The weapon presupposes the use of a target laser designator (either carried by the launching platform or another aircraft, or aimed at the target by a ground operator) and while it retains its dual direct or vertical attack modes, it can now be used to attack moving targets.
The ND3 Laser Designator creates true night vision, and turns a scoped rifle into a night hunter.