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I am not assuming this latter claim, of course--assuming it would amount to assuming that names are rigid designators and thus to begging the question.
"A lot of the training is not about can I steer the designator over the target, but about how that individual or group interplays with a whole combat team," explains Burke.
Whether the reuse element is added to a new design or replicated, the process must consider and reconcile reference designator assignments and determine how to add new nets to the design, or merge the net with existing nets.
By completing the TAITC course, you will be granted an "H" designator authorizing you to teach MOSQ classes.
Air transport IT provider SITA and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are allowing airlines worldwide to use their two-character airline designator code with the new '.aero' domain.
The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has awarded UL new status as an "Audited Designator" which means UL is authorized to self-designate UL Standards for Safety as ANSI standards.
If the weapon system is no longer in the DLA weapon system support program, the sponsoring service will request establishment of a new weapon system designator code.
Guidelines for the renumbering process include: (1) the common number system should include as many courses as possible; (2) as discipline experts, faculty members should make the judgments as to the comparability of course content; (3) courses that have 80% consonance of content should carry the same designator, number, and title; (4) the same three-letter designator will identify courses in a discipline wide system; (5) all courses in the system have new designators, and in some cases new numbers and titles; and (6) each course, in addition to a three-letter designator, also has a three-digit number.
In the first video the Harrier "designator" plane fixes with a laser beam an ammunition storage facility situated on the outskirts of a forest.
Pending authorization from both governments, they will put their flight designator codes on each other's services and sell seats on each other's flights.
No two members of the same gang will be known by an identical moniker; however, gang members may sponsor a new member into the gang and allow the use of a moniker with an additional designator, such as "lil" preceding the moniker or "2" following it.
Suppose that either of the names "a" or "b" is an accidental designator in the sense that it designates distinct things in distinct worlds.