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Herb Lubalin, who designed a number of beautiful magazines, said in an interview that he didn't think it was possible for editors to do their own designing.
"It is a vehicle that is designed by specialists whose chassis, engine, and controls are intended for the enthusiastic sporting driver," says Bruhnke.
The London Plan embodies 12 main policies designed to promote world-class architecture and design, and--as with Towards an Urban Renaissance--a fundamental objective is the compact city.
* Designed using FEA and casting process modeling, the casting design eliminated 15 stamped steel parts used in comparable designs.
A less desirable trend, and one that I'm seeing more often, is the use of large spaces with high ceilings designed to appeal to the "30- or 40-something" generation.
He has since designed the interiors of Lee's five-story brownstone in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn.
In the past three years alone, MKDA has planned and designed space for XE Capital, Saranac Capital Management, Primus, Bass Trading and Concordia Advisors, to name a few.
The Phoenix Public Library, designed by Will Bruder with DWL Architects and completed in 1995 (AR March 1996), is one of America's significant new public buildings of the past decade.
Both components were designed for lost foam (6-layer and 5-layer foam patterns for the block and head, respectively) to incorporate features that normally exist as separate components or require extensive machining.
For instance, instead of the long, narrow corridors typical of many assisted living homes or Alzheimer's units, the facility was designed with 18-foot "living" corridors [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Designs in this category usually include: (a) molds for large o-rings, seals or tubes where the pot covers the whole are of the part rather than the perimeter area, (b) molds in which the cavity area extends significantly beyond the sprue locations (e.g., strips, elbows) and (c) may include molds purposely designed with an oversized pot in anticipation of adding more cavities at a future date.
The Porter House, a residential project in Manhattan designed by SHoP Architects and Dodger Stages (now known as New World Stages), an underground theatre complex in Manhattan designed collaboratively by lighting designer Sachs Morgan Studio, set designer Klara Zieglerova, and Beyer Blinder Belle, architects, will receive the Lumen Citations.