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Did Levin and McCain realize when they authored Section 1031 of Senate Bill 1867 that they were aligning themselves with the historic enemies of the Founding Fathers' republic, with those who harbor ambivalence or disdain for the sacred rights indispensable to individual liberty that are designedly protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and with those who find the pretext of war sufficient to justify the denial of rights outside the theater of war?
While it is regrettable that Wilson does not discuss "Away, away, it is the air," it is also true that Johnston remains the major exception to the critical neglect or avoidance of the fragment, brilliantly taking it as designedly a conundrum, a "puzzle-poem.
In companies where the management and coordination of CSR is led by a specialist in the social field, the actions are designedly based on the results that are expected to completion, and there is concern regarding the activities undertaken are not interrupted once that the company's help is de-activated.
Some will be factual, some speculative and even designedly controversial.
Equally, it is possible to see both motivations at work, and given that both are plausible, and both register a gap in the text's articulation of his actions, the strongest interpretative manoeuvre might be to see his action designedly opaque, foreshadowing the various ways in which he is misunderstood by various characters later in the narrative.
Moral commentary considers the term, too, as in this example from 1813: "Condescension is that species of benevolence, which designedly waives the supposed advantages of birth, title, or station, in order to accommodate ourselves to the state of an inferior, and diminish that restraint which the apparent distance is calculated to produce in him.
76) But the Court recognized the possibility of "qualitative" vote dilution: (77) even if a redistricting complied with one person, one vote, "[i]t might well be that, designedly or otherwise," a particular "apportionment scheme, under the circumstances of a particular case, would operate to minimize or cancel out the voting strength of racial or political elements of the voting population.
How do we as teachers intervene in view of such a crisis, how do we help students sort out the truly valuable in today's culture from "the designedly ephemeral quality of disposable entertainment" (128)?
Likewise, if an overgrown Negro boy in an integrated school should be by premature growth inclined to sex and should write verses on the blackboard of an obscene character designedly for the white girls to read or should make improper approaches to them so as to provoke trouble in the school, he should be assigned to a school where the situation is different.
Much of the engagement with this volume will be, necessarily and designedly, at the level of the local and particular.
What is intolerable about the play is not simply the vertigo of Lavinia's virtually pornographic degradation, but the play's deliberate cancellation of a sustainable viewing position from which to measure the significance of the violence, even as it repeatedly activates a "sensationalistic physical dynamic" that is designedly "overwhelming" (137)--both onstage and in viewers' responses.
As his friend William Derham recalled: "to avoid being baited by little Smatterers in Mathematicks, [Newton] has told me, he designedly made his Principia abtruse.