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In a 2017 video, FAA Assistant Administrator Peggy Gilligan said the agency had 6,000 engineers and aircraft inspectors overseeing 7,500 designees in aircraft certification and flight standards.
NAR Green Designees have the necessary resources and relationships to effectively work with you to find your next home or assess your next green project," said Marc Gould, Vice President of NAR's Green Designation.
Alerting a designee of changes in a patient's health status has remained one of the most significant care gaps for providers and care facilities.
Designees appointed by the governor, Senate president, and House speaker have not yet been named.
The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International announced that it has conferred the BOMA 360 Performance Program designation upon a record 80 new properties in the third quarter of 2015, making this class of designees the largest in the history of the program.
The Roundtable and other business groups also want changes to the definition of "equity securities" and what constitutes a "designee."
At the broadest level, even some supporters of the designee process are asking whether the F is up to the task of effectively overseeing the system.
Ratcliff, president-elect designee of the Arkansas Bar Association.
Although it is not clear-cut, I would rather hire the twenty-something CPM designee, in spite of, or perhaps because of, their lack of industry knowledge.
The remaining six voting members represent five Gulf state fishery directors or their designees, plus the Southeast Regional NMFS Administrator (Roy Crabtree) or his designee.
The Oklahoma Republican Caucus has "voted to place policy over politics" and not elect the next Senate president pro tem designee until after the November general election.
The Act defines "reasonable access" to mean the ability of religious workers to enter a jail facility "to be available to meet with immigration detainees who wish to consult with the religious worker regarding their spiritual needs." It is the responsibility of the sheriff or her designee to establish time frames for religious workers to access detainees, and each facility "shall provide advance notice to the immigration detainees of the times during which religious workers shall be available for consultation under this Section, and shall not limit the access of detainees to such religious workers without good cause." Consultations under this section will not count against the number of outside visits to which the detainee is otherwise entitled.