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This connected health network enables RIQI to leverage the shared provider alert functionality to share real-time care updates with a patient's chosen designee via email or text message.
The director of the United States Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division or their designee,
NAR Green Designees have the necessary resources and relationships to effectively work with you to find your next home or assess your next green project," said Marc Gould, Vice President of NAR's Green Designation.
BOMA International is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of the BOMA 360 Performance Program this quarter and to congratulate our latest class of designees," commented BOMA International Chair Kent C.
Collaboratrice aupres de l'Institut Cervantes du nord au Maroc, la journaliste avait ete designee responsable pour l'Espagne et le Maroc du Comite International d'appui a la candidature du peuple syrien pour le prix Nobel de la Paix.
It added, however, that "More than one commenter states that the F should be hiring more inspectors, not spending its limited resources creating an organizational designee system.
Notwithstanding its earlier ruling that Rosenruist had been properly served with a valid subpoena for a Rule 30(b)(6) deposition, the court determined that it could not require Rosenruist to produce a corporate designee for the deposition unless that designee personally resided within the district of the issuing court.
The corporate designee need not have firsthand knowledge of the events in question, but to make the deposition meaningful, the designee must be prepared to provide "complete, knowledgeable, and binding answers on behalf of the corporation.
The UAA, in section 3, defines substantial equivalency as a determination by a board of accountancy or its designee "that the education, examination and experience requirements contained in the statutes and administrative rules of another jurisdiction are comparable to or exceed the education, examination and experience requirements contained in the Uniform Accountancy Act or that an individual CPA's education, examination and experience qualifications are comparable to or exceed the education, examination and experience requirements contained in the Uniform Accountancy Act.
An FAA spokesperson said that it is considering the GAO's report and recommendations which it believes will make the designee programme stronger, reports The Associated Press.
A "financial planning engagement" exists when a client, based on the relevant facts and circumstances, reasonably relies upon information or services provided by a CFP Board designee using the financial planning process.
Until now, the designee groups, which are eligible for inurnment (but not burial) at the cemetery, could not receive military funeral honors.