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Concurrent with the acquisition of engineering content is development of engineering practices requisite for promoting designerly ways of knowing and engineering habits of mind.
Esto con referencia al actual debate que cuestiona el producto de diseno como producto de conocimiento y como parte del lenguaje propio del designerly knowledge.
48) The need to explore, and to stimulate exploration, is especially warranted for exploitative organizations where the terrors of performativity have a strong hold on members' designerly cognition--if not to steer organizations toward the central case, then at least so that they can adapt well in their environments.
These cognitive transitions develop the learner's Designerly Ways of Knowing (Cross, 1982) and his/ her achievement of true understanding--the explicit instructional goal for having students Design to Understand[C] (D2U[C]).
Learning by design promotes designerly ways of thinking (Cross, 2007), solving wicked problems through the criteria of satisficing.
More prosaically, it enables the use of colors like the pink of Painting with Pink and Blue (all works 2005), colors that mess with gender assumptions, colors that are "pretty" rather than beautiful, designerly rather than organic.
To the contrary, each phase reflects the designerly focus of student engagement as derived from the particular questions the student designers ask themselves regarding what they need to know at any given point in the design process.
For example, the knowledge spiral was based on studies of Japanese firms; the designerly ways of knowing were based on research in the context of western industrial design; expansive learning originated from studies of traditional craft and is concerned with innovating practices; while the knowledge building community is practiced in classrooms focusing on students' creation of theories and knowledge (for review, see Paavola, Lipponen & Hakkarinen, 2004).