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In this study, we have used the distinction between social desirability and social utility (Dubois & Beauvois, 2005): (a) for purposes of comparison with previous results about social acceptance of comparative optimism obtained in the literature (Le Barbenchon & Milhabet, 2005; Le Barbenchon, Milhabet, Steiner, & Priolo, 2008; Milhabet, Le Barbenchon, Molina, Cambon, & Steiner, 2012); (b) because this conceptualization is explicitly linked to evaluative judgment which is the focus of our attention in this paper.
You have the option to continuously improve your character to achieve the highest desirability ranking and modify your “Ideal Partner” as your tastes change.
desirability and feasibility) on entrepreneurs' opportunity evaluation and exploitation intentions.
The glamour and desirability of our iconic brands seems to grow, ingrained in our minds are the Bentley Boys, the James Bond Aston Martins, the reputed most desirable car in the world - the Jaguar E-Type and the new boy on the block, McLaren, needs no introduction.
Therefore, this study assesses principal desirability for professional development.
Social desirability bias is a recognized challenge in market research, wherein a respondent may feel compelled to over-report good (socially desirable) behavior and under-report bad (not socially desirable) behavior.
Philip Kortum, Rice professor-in-the-practice has written the study 'The Effect of Content Desirability on Subjective Video Quality Ratings'.
Of the Discovery 4, he said: "Blending seven-seat practicality, luxury car desirability and unstoppable off-road ability, the big British 4x4 truly is a family car for all seasons.
Consistent with the previous studies (10, 17), the 13-item short version of the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale (20), known as the MC-C, was used to examine the influence of social desirability (the tendency to provide favorable answers to gain the approval of others), which can bias self-report measures and render the validity of the data questionable.
There was a statistically significant negative relationship between level of wellness and psychological distress; the relationship between level of wellness and social desirability was found to have no statistical significance; and there was a statistically significant negative relationship between level of social desirability and psychological distress.
Social Desirability Bias in self-reported well being Measures: Evidence from an online survey *
Thus, the aim of the present study was to investigate the body composition, dietetic profile, self-perceived body image and social desirability in professional ballet dancers.