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For Table 12, analysis of variance (ANOVA) was utilized to determine if differences in principals' desirability concerning professional development are related to the above noted demographic characteristics.
Social desirability bias is commonly mentioned in reference to questioning surrounding healthful eating habits, medical research and drug use.
Hierarchical generalized linear regression analyses were performed to determine whether the intervention's effect on the primary sexual behavior outcomes differed as a function of predictors the authors had identified a priori (gender and social desirability).
These studies dealt almost exclusively with the effects of different levels of DCP desirability in promotion time periods (DelVecchio et al., 2006).
CarGurus, an online automotive marketplace created by TripAdvisor founder Langley Steinert, analysed the number of shoppers searching for every model with at least 1,000 cars for sale since the start of the year to create its 'Desirability Score.'.
Brand Finance's British Luxury 2018 survey revealed that Middleton wearing a product increases the desirability among 38 percent of American shoppers.
The analysis performed by Santa Fe Institute revealed that hierarchies of desirability or 'leagues' emerge in anonymized data from online dating networks.
People's desirability was determined using a ranking algorithm based on how many messages they received from other popular users on a dating site in New York, Seattle, Boston, and Chicago.
Using this PageRank algorithm, which is employed by web search engines, researchers could establish a person's league," which they scientifically coined hierarchies of desirability.
Uma das tecnicas mais utilizadas para otimizar simultaneamente varias respostas consiste em transformar as equacoes que modelam cada uma dessas respostas em funcoes utilidade individuais, e depois proceder a otimizacao de uma funcao utilidade global, conhecido com Total Desirability (D), que e descrita em termos das funcoes utilidade individuais.
A psychologist, sex therapist and mother of two young women, Orenstein provides confirmation of an epidemic among young women, one where sex is bereft of pleasure and is instead a performance, an act to prove desirability and worth.
These interventions target three distinct variables that may explain the suboptimal relation between mastery-approach goals and achievement, specifically interest-based studying, perceived goal difficulty, and social desirability.