desirable feature

See: amenity
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Satellite navigation is a desirable feature and the DSG twin-clutch gearbox will also make your Eos easier to sell on when the time comes to part ways.
Another desirable feature of halogen lamps as spectral radiance and luminance calibration standards is a continuous and stable luminous spectrum.
40 S&W which scores major and gives a higher-magazine capacity, a desirable feature in high-round count stages.
A particularly desirable feature for a modern family is the property's fully integrated home entertainment system.
Empirical evidence suggests that investor appetite for alternative investment may be returning, and in the GCC and Far East specially, Shari'a compliance still remains a desirable feature for many of the mainstream investors.
So calibration frames were unnecessary--an extremely desirable feature if you're looking for an autoguider on a remote-imaging setup.
Another highly desirable feature of the storage grid is its support of SAN boot, which can completely unfetter servers from a specific task and allow them to be deployed and redeployed as needed for whatever application they are best suited.
But the most desirable feature of any celebrity is Victoria Beckham's nose, according to the poll, with 46percent saying it was ideal.
Compatibility of component design to accommodate ease of installation into existing systems is also a desirable feature when dealing with retrofit requirements.
On the other hand, the servo-electric pump drive can reduce the machine's noise level substantially, which is certainly a desirable feature for the equipment user.