desire to buy

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In well-ordered States they are commonly those who are the weakest in bodily strength, and therefore of little use for any other purpose; their duty is to be in the market, and to give money in exchange for goods to those who desire to sell and to take money from those who desire to buy.
Summary: Washington DC [USA], Aug 21 (ANI): US President Donald Trump on Wednesday chided Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen for making a "nasty and inappropriate statement" after she termed the American leader's desire to buy Greenland as "absurd".
The United States has also expressed interest in selling liquefied natural gas to Europe; however, so far Poland is the only country that has indicated a desire to buy.
Without attempting to contact the village of Itasca, the Daily Herald published a story last week touting Haymarket Center's desire to buy the Holiday Inn-Itasca and convert it into a drug treatment facility.
China's car sales declined on an annual basis last year for the first time in 20 years, as trade tensions with the US and a cooling economy curtailed desire to buy cars among its 1.4bn people
This is what US Ambassador Eric Rubin said on the occasion of Bulgaria's desire to buy the F-16.
While it is understood that interested parties do still retain a desire to buy Newcastle, no takeover is believed to be imminent, with senior sources at St James' Park insisting they are still planning for Ashley to remain owner in the "medium term".
The desire to buy the precious metal was driven by "economic uncertainty caused by trade tensions, sluggish growth and a low/negative interest rate environment" among other reasons, the WSG noted.
"He contacted me about the possibility of rejoining us and expressed a real desire to buy into our club culture and help the team.
Another thing that you need to see in an LED that you desire to buy is that does it give a truly cinematic sound quality while you are sitting in your living room.
High-end consumers also desire to buy Italian and Spanish ceramics products.