desire to know

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This book is meant for those who desire to know about such religions as Zoroastrianism, Hinduism (the second oldest religion of modern humanity), Sikhism and paganism.
Though he explains in the Summa contra Gentiles and the De veritate that knowledge of God constitutes man's highest good, it is less clear how a man would direct his own desire to know.
If inexperienced readers are to stick with the book, the opening of a book must give readers the desire to know what is going to happen next.
But Vega Jane was born to question authority, and her desire to know more about her world keeps landing her in dangerous situations, including a fighting competition called the Duelum, where combatants are often killed.
In an interview with the daily newspaper Al-Mustaqbal published Sunday, Abdel-Jalil accused the committee of having no desire to know the fate of Sadr.
00, ISBN 978-0-8028-6735-3) assumes the reader comes to the New Testament without much knowledge, but with a desire to know more about it.
The California-based editor/writer of a Gone with the Wind biomonthly periodical satisfies fans' desire to know about all aspects of the popular 1939 film.
Of course, the question at the heart of all this tremendous effort to spy other worlds is a deep desire to know more about ourselves: How rare is Earth?
While he earned respect for the work he did, the investigations he carried out and the passionate desire to know what was happening on and off the football pitches of Villa, Blues, Albion, Wolves, Coventry and Walsall, he probably got more personal satisfaction putting pen to paper on the cricketing activities of Warwickshire and Worcestershire.
The messages show a prurient desire to know what they are doing with their girlfriends and an inappropriate sexual interest in the boys themselves.
Fulfilling the desire to know one's family roots and the blood lines that connect them not only helps to explain our personal histories but can also help us to understand our present lives.