desire to obtain

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It seems to me that if, as a matter of method rather than metaphysics, we desire to obtain as much independence for psychology as is practically feasible, we shall do better to accept mnemic causation in psychology protem, and therefore reject parallelism, since there is no good ground for admitting mnemic causation in physics.
He added that "the national team for the preparation of the conference assigned a group of its members in order to communicate with donor countries and final agreements on the funds announced by those countries, as well as a conference of companies and investors who expressed their desire to obtain investment opportunities in Iraq next month, to sign agreements with them on the announced investment projects.
In other words, we are transferring a problem from primary school to secondary school (with our desire to obtain 100 per cent transition) with the hope that it will somehow decimate.
Preeminent among these objectives is the desire to obtain recognition from its neighbors of India's status as the region's leading power,' the document said, adding, India seeks to curb the influence of others in the region.
But the relationships I have made with my AMT colleagues across this country and the endearing friendships that I hold close to my heart, far supercedes my desire to obtain CEUs.
Request for Proposals: The City of New Orleans, Office of the Mayor (hereinafter City ), the Regional Transit Authority, (hereinafter referred to as RTA), the New Orleans Aviation Board (hereinafter referred to as NOAB), the Housing Authority of New Orleans (hereinafter referred to as HANO ) and the Sewerage and Water Board (hereinafter referred to as S&WB) (City, RTA, NOAB, HANO & S&WB hereinafter referred to as the Agencies ) desire to obtain joint federal intergovernmental representation and consulting services for the Agencies, including but not limited to federal legislative appropriations, grants, and capital initiatives, and representation before federal executive branch agencies.
Defence counsel Matthew Curtis said Easterbrook (above) left a trail of evidence and he had put his desire to obtain drugs over everything else.
Zain, a Kuwaiti mobile and data services company, has sent an official letter to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology expressing its desire to obtain the fourth generation (4G) licence and enter into the Egyptian market, according to an official at the ministry.
He has a strong desire to obtain an education in order to provide for a future spouse that his family has already located for him.
There is good news for devotees who desire to obtain some sanctuary for some spiritual interest; however, they cannot because of unavailability of Pandits, traffic hazards during the city's busiest festivals.
You should have the desire to obtain in-depth knowledge.
If you're a commerciallyaware undergraduate with a desire to obtain work experience in China and gain international exposure, then this is definitely the right programme for you.