desire to obtain

See: demand, market
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It seems to me that if, as a matter of method rather than metaphysics, we desire to obtain as much independence for psychology as is practically feasible, we shall do better to accept mnemic causation in psychology protem, and therefore reject parallelism, since there is no good ground for admitting mnemic causation in physics.
There is good news for devotees who desire to obtain some sanctuary for some spiritual interest; however, they cannot because of unavailability of Pandits, traffic hazards during the city's busiest festivals.
The Ukrainian side informed about the preparation for introduction of the provisions of the Third Energy Package in the electricity and gas sectors and expressed the desire to obtain further support by the European side of the process of drafting normative legal acts to ensure compliance of the national legislation of Ukraine with the provisions of the 3rd energy package.
Abdul-Mahdi, who is accompanying Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in his current visit to Egypt, said in press statement that the Egyptian side, during the technical negotiations between the two sides, expressed a desire to obtain / 4 / million barrels of Iraqi oil per month, equivalent to about 133 thousand barrels per day, adding that the talks on subject is still ongoing.
You should have the desire to obtain in-depth knowledge.
If you're a commerciallyaware undergraduate with a desire to obtain work experience in China and gain international exposure, then this is definitely the right programme for you.
Another reason that some weapon types exceed current requirements is the ANSF's desire to obtain new weapons, rather than repairing old ones," it said.
This is especially the case after CEO of Beltone Al Saba expressed his desire to obtain the position of chairman of the board of EFG should the deal go through, despite Hermes being several times larger than Beltone, the source said.
With the tools of observation and a steady, constant exposure to the skill you desire to obtain, the next step is to try it on your own with your mentor or teacher as a guide.
WAR The greatest hindrance appears to arrive through many people not having the address of the retailer from whom they desire to obtain supplies.
Those Yatris who may desire to obtain further information may kindly contact the Ministry at e-mail ID: sochina@mea.
Concertgoers with the desire to obtain premium seating can easily find the best locations in the house at SuperbTicketsOnline.