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and he is at the same time desirous of contrasting the wisdom which governs the world with a higher wisdom.
Perhaps Plato may have been desirous of showing that the accusation of Socrates was not to be attributed to badness or malevolence, but rather to a tendency in men's minds.
And, during the nine subsequent years, I did nothing but roam from one place to another, desirous of being a spectator rather than an actor in the plays exhibited on the theater of the world; and, as I made it my business in each matter to reflect particularly upon what might fairly be doubted and prove a source of error, I gradually rooted out from my mind all the errors which had hitherto crept into it.
Talking to PTV, she said it was need of the hour to empower the women to move forward for achieving prosperity and desirous goals.
It added, The Perak government is desirous to promote clean energy in the state, while the company is desirous to provide gas infrastructure development for the supply of natural gas to its customers in Kinta Valley, in line with Gas Malaysias overall strategy of maintaining its key position to be an innovative value added energy solution provider.
The Defense Minister said Pakistan is desirous of good relations with its neighbours.
The minister said without the cooperation of Pakistan, United States could not operate in the region to achieve its desirous results.
Ayaz Sadiq said Pakistan is desirous of strengthening parliamentary ties with all the friendly countries.
We are desirous of enhancing cooperation with Netherlands in the energy sector as well and both the countries are needed to further expand their economic corporation, he added.
by PTI The government had in March this year mandated that anyone not having Aadhaar but desirous of availing free LPG connection under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana must apply for it by May 31.
He said that desirous women should get free training to enable them to make respectable means of livelihood.
MAY I bring to public notice the difficulty a discharged soldier desirous of obtaining a position as a clerk has, while offices are crowded with females and young men?