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com/cease-and-desist) Upcounsel , another website for legal advice, expalains that cease and desist letters, unlike cease and desist orders, have almost no legal standing.
Funa said the cease and desist order 'stemmed from the administrative complaint filed against BFPMBAI by Fire Services Mutual Benefit Association Inc.
It said that media would desist from giving arguments on the personal life of any candidate.
The DENR 7, however, issued a cease and desist order on the cutting of trees without the necessary permit as part of an expansion project of a district hospital in Pinamungajan, Cebu.
Furthermore, books and records were maintained in Santa Fe, New Mexico, according to the SEC's cease and desist order.
Another way to avoid the DJ action problem is for the patent owner to prepare and file a patent infringement complaint in a federal court of its choosing prior to sending the patent cease and desist letter.
21 May 2014 -- Ohio US-based bank holding company Central Federal Corp (NASDAQ: CFBK) said that the Federal Reserve Bank has terminated the cease and desist order against the company.
I demand that the Centre issue a direction under Article 256 of the Constitution to the TN CM to desist from pursuing (the) illegal resolution on Rajiv's killers," Mr Swamy said.
The state Department of Consumer and Business Services also plans to fine Michael Holcomb and Gary Holcomb, and their company, Berjac of Oregon, $900,000, according to the department's cease and desist order.
The European Union might desist from paying to Greece the next installment of its bailout should the country fail to give guarantees it is able to pay back its debts, stated EU Finance Commissioner Olli Rehn.
Carnival Cruise Lines has issued a cease and desist order to the charterers of two Carnival Victory cruises from Trinidad in April and August 2011 that have been canceled due to the charterer's failure to fulfill its financial contractual obligations, reports Caribbean News Now (Jan.