desist from

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He would neither desist from his attacks on the food nor from his noisy babbling to himself.
I wish, Mr Square, you would desist from filling the minds of my pupils with such antichristian stuff; for the consequence must be, while they are under my care, its being well scourged out of them again.
But after all I could not desist from telling her that night, for, as afterwards at her lodging we sat over the fire, talking as if we had known each other all our lives, there seemed no reason for an arbitrary delay.
By TITUS MAEROThe Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya's Director of Research, Agnes Mandu, has urged athletes to desist from using performance-enhancing substances and to strive to compete clean.
Consumer finance firms have been asked to desist from using peer-to-peer platforms or third parties to extend loans to unapproved parties.
com/ChelseaHouska/status/935201089661550592) tweeted : "I just got a cease and desist from Jenelle and David.
13, 2016, Sanofi was directed to cease and desist from disseminating s for Dengvaxia in any form of mass or social media.
The Council deplored the decision at the conclusion of the workings of its 145th session, chaired by the Kingdom of Bahrain, disapproved the statements of Iranian officials of incitement against Arab countries, calling on Iran to desist from hostile and provocative statements and stop media campaigns against the Arab states as they are blatant interference in the internal affairs of these countries.
He said that media should desist from broadcasting or publishing any news, which pose opposition public opinion against any particular party or candidate.
I demand that the Centre issue a direction under Article 256 of the Constitution to the TN CM to desist from pursuing (the) illegal resolution on Rajiv's killers," Mr Swamy said.
The European Union might desist from paying to Greece the next installment of its bailout should the country fail to give guarantees it is able to pay back its debts, stated EU Finance Commissioner Olli Rehn.
NNA - 22/01/2011 Lebanese Forces commander Samir Geagea implored Hezbollah to desist from using violence when dealing with "loyal citizens.