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There is zero possibility that we will allow desistance,' he added.
Breaking the habit: A retrospective analysis of desistance factors among formerly problematic heroin users.
A discussion of how desistance is defined, made arguably unavoidable since Laub and Sampson's challenge that "some researchers do not define desistance but purport to study it" (2001: 8), and a discussion of theories of desistance make up the first substantive chapter of the text.
Rhyan Batchar, chief information officer of 10th ID said the affidavit of desistance was filed before the Davao del Norte Provincial Prosecutors' Office last October 22.
Common-law courts answered this question using three tests: proximity, probable desistance, and res ipsa loquitur.
academics and front-line agencies deliver a road map of current barriers and of ways to boost desistance (which means the cessation of participating in a harmful or illegal activity).
Thus, understanding an ICI may reveal previously unknown mechanisms that may help to explain criminal persistence and desistance above and beyond conscious decisions.
The long and winding road to desistance from crime for drug-involved offenders: The long-term influence of TC Treatment on re-arrest.
Chapters address sentencing policy and the shaping of prison demographics, bio-psycho-social needs, social programming and activities, women and issues of care, prisoners' rights and the law, the age-segregation debate, the implications of age-graded desistance from criminality, health issues and end-of-life care, and community reentry and aging inmates.
This model is derived from an integration of Ward's Good Lives Model and research regarding desistance of offenders from crime (e.