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The report can become a desk book and impulse for consistent development of the country, the President said.
Sandra Nye is the author of the popular Employee Assistance Law Desk Book.
Photoshop CS2 users will want to keep Save Cross' THE PHOTOSHOP CS2 HELP DESK BOOK (0321337042, $34.
Use it in conjunction with Dave Cross's The Photoshop CS2 Help Desk Book (0321337042, $34.
Another excellent secondary resource that outlines in great detail each state's property tax laws, exemptions and application procedures is the ABA Property Tax Desk Book (2001).
Behrenfeld, who is the author of "The Estate Planning Desk Book," advises tax planners to "remain flexible.
CCH Master Tax Guide--This desk book is one of the most popular tools for tax information.
Ten years have elapsed since the publication of the third edition of "The Newsletter Editor's Desk Book.
law firm of Bonner & O'Connell, was a contributing author to Lawyear's Desk Book on White-Collar Crime (1991).
His publications include, among others, "Project Financing" in the Washington Real Property Desk Book.
Dave Cross is a senior developer of education and curriculum: his Photoshop CS2 Help Desk Book (0321337042, $34.
Licensing Desk Book, published by Aspen Law & Business (New York), is a new casebound resource volume that is designed to provide coverage of the business and legal issues that arise during a licensing deal.