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We hope that the Handbook will help local authorities better understand the nature of the state financial control and its task, navigate in the provisions and requirements of the legal acts, and become a desk book in the exercise of powers in this area.
* Electronic Media--The section maintains a website, a Listserv, a Facebook page, and a Desk Book. Plans are in the works for an introductory webinar/infomercial about the section and what we do.
The report can become a desk book and impulse for consistent development of the country, the President said.
Sandra Nye is the author of the popular Employee Assistance Law Desk Book. She may be reached at
Photoshop CS2 users will want to keep Save Cross' THE PHOTOSHOP CS2 HELP DESK BOOK (0321337042, $34.99) close at hand: it's the closest thing to a personal help desk, incorporates tried, tested plans from senior developer Dave Cross, and tells how to understand warning dialogv boxes, how to create flexible documents using layers and masks, and how to customize the program and its various settings.
Use it in conjunction with Dave Cross's The Photoshop CS2 Help Desk Book (0321337042, $34.99), written by a Photoshop seminar provider who gathers the most common questions under one cover.
Another excellent secondary resource that outlines in great detail each state's property tax laws, exemptions and application procedures is the ABA Property Tax Desk Book (2001).
Targeted to franchise lawyers, Franchise Desk Book: Selected State Laws, Commentary and Annotations is a new reference organized by jurisdiction that contains text on all generally applicable disclosure, registration and relationship statutues.
Behrenfeld, who is the author of "The Estate Planning Desk Book," advises tax planners to "remain flexible."
* CCH Master Tax Guide--This desk book is one of the most popular tools for tax information.
The book's rather compact size, its excellent index and general tone make it a relatively important 'desk book' for those who need to understand such matters.
Ten years have elapsed since the publication of the third edition of "The Newsletter Editor's Desk Book." THe 1995 fourth edition brings this classic resource for editors into the computer age, replacing references to paste-ups and typewriters with their computer equivalents.