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At the first thrust, he screamed, piercingly, desolately, as a beast entrapped, but then was silent till they were done with him and the cell-boss said, "Leave it now.
Evening on Karl Johan Street," painted in 1892, portrays a ghostly crowd pressing toward the viewer in the lower left of the painting (the key figures are probably Milly Thaulow and her husband), while a lone dark figure, most likely the artist, moves desolately away in the middle of the street.
He met the great grandson of a chief of the Blackfoot Indians who told him about the desolately beautiful Montana Plains.
She scrounges desolately in the woods for any food she can find, and it isn't until she takes in a ghostly white greyhound that her heart starts to open up again to others.
His self-portraits--one a gorgeously carved hunting decoy (Sitting Duck, 2002) and another a collage of hundreds of little cutout pictures of assholes (Big Asshole, 2001)--are desolately narcissistic, pathologically glib, and plenty mean-spirited.
What made this reading of the desolately autobiographical work especially throat-catching was the sheer dedication of these four expert young ladies.
His whole body looked shrunken as he desolately held up a Lazio scarf at his Roman unveiling this week.
The miracle of this depressing time was the Nuits d'Ete, that cycle of desolately beautiful love songs.
But that possibility seems to be rapidly fading as they desolately swim "on their own .
Yet it seems desolately far, across those great hills and plains.
Soon Esther has fallen desolately into the arms of her girlfriend, seeking advice and reassurance about the perfidy of men.