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The precarious superficiality of our daily life and the desolateness of some others ring a bell in our head.
That the word "silent" is used to represent the absence and desolateness of the streets of the little town is highly significant here.
Another poem in this "North" sequence, "Northern Sea" (1984), depicts a vast, almost eschatological, panoramic scene of solitude, alienation, and desolateness.
It was a desolation that doubled desolateness, because his healthy American organization missed the march of progress attested by the sound of hammers on unfinished buildings that told of a busy future and cosy modern homeliness.
In the state of desolateness, she feels her baby a burden.
He confided to Westminster's Cardinal Henry Manning, a confidence he would regret: "I have found very little but desert and desolateness ever since I have been in it--that I have nothing pleasant to look back on, that all my human affections were with those whom I had left.