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Michael Rodriguez or MJRIDS says there are a lot of features in Desolators that he wants to incorporate into his other titles and they all have to be worked out and overhauled especially in the graphics department where he will upgrade all of his titles to full HD, yet Desolators will be HD at 720p due to equipment limitations during development, never the less MJRIDS is proud to present an HD game in the near future, and hopes you will follow the development process of Desolators and future titles to be announced at mjridsgames.
Michael Rodriguez said, "Being able to develop Desolators full time would be a dream come true and MJRIDS llc was founded for that very purpose with Kick Starter in Mind, so with extremely limited resources MJRIDS set about trying to make the best kick starter presentation it could before the sheer urgency of the situation forced the pressing of the green launch button on Kick Starter.
Desolators is in its early stages but I cant wait to make weaponized versions of more exotic species of insects, including hornets, scorpions and my favorite: the praying mantis with lazer edged scyth blades.