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Eleven companies closing Ten Lords a'snoring Nine jobless youngsters despairing Eight MPs a'milking their expenses Seven bankers a'sniggering Six posh boys a'boozing Five tax avoiders Four benefit cuts Three French Atos men Two bailiffs calling And a redundancy in a Remploy factory On the 12th day of Christmas this Government gave to me...
In "the sin of despairing over one's sin" a second abyss of estrangement is postulated between the self and God.
He added, 'This is not the place to rehearse arguments about the fence; it is enough to recognise that it is seen by so many as one community decisively turning its back on another, despairing of anything that looks like a shared resolution, a shared future, a truly shared peace.'
the wan face in profile against the pillow, the despairing mother at the bedside, the muted light, the tousled hair, the useless glass of water" (1).