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DESPATCHES. Official communications of official Persons, on the affairs of government.
     2. In general, the bearer of despatches is entitled to all the facilities that can be given him, in his own country, or in a neutral state; but a neutral cannot, in general, be the bearer of despatches of one of the belligerent parties. 6 C. Rob. 465 see 2 Dodson, 54; Edw. 274.

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In turn, the deal will help Despatch to accelerate its growth and innovation.
Sometimes known as couriers, the despatch rider will get their instructions from a head office controller via the radio, giving details of where and when to collect the package, and the destination address.
"Temperature and time have the greatest influence in obtaining the required reductions in pyrogens and microorganisms," said Hans Melgaard, vice president of research and development for Despatch Industries.
Despatch offers full integration services to ensure seamless operation of your Despatch system.
KARACHI -- Cement despatches fell marginally by 0.279 million tonnes in the first half of the fiscal year.
According to the data, released by All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association on Tuesday, in November the cement industry despatched 3.899 million tons of cement that was one percent less than 3.941 million tons of cement despatched during the corresponding month of last year.