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I, for instance, genuinely despised my official work and did not openly abuse it simply because I was in it myself and got a salary for it.
He painted in glowing colours the side of Paris which he despised.
But perhaps all these comrades of mine struggled just like me and sought something new, a path in life of their own, and like me were brought by force of circumstances, society, and race- by that elemental force against which man is powerless- to the condition I am in," said he to himself in moments of humility; and after living some time in Moscow he no longer despised, but began to grow fond of, to respect, and to pity his comrades in destiny, as he pitied himself.
Napoleon Bonaparte was despised by all as long as he was great, but now that he has become a wretched comedian the Emperor Francis wants to offer him his daughter in an illegal marriage.
The captain's hatred to her was of a purer kind: for as to any imperfections in her knowledge or understanding, he no more despised her for them, than for her not being six feet high.
2) Lari Pittman's ``This Discussion, Beloved and Despised, Continues Regardless'' (1989).
But the early news from Week 2 was that NBC's Monday comedies, most of which are despised by critics, fell backward in a big way.
Smuggler and land-grabber Miguel Leonis, ``The King of Calabasas,'' was so universally despised that some said his ``accidental'' death in an overturned wagon was no accident.
The Bruins could draw Fresno State, whose coach, Jerry Tarkanian, has despised UCLA since his days at Long Beach State in the early '70s.
I fully expect to be hated, loathed and despised by certain very serious elements in the entertainment industry.
Things have been looking up: The Clippers are out of the despised Sports Arena and comfortably ensconced in the Staples Center, where they are no worse than the third-ranking tenant.
Both are despised and hated anti-religious criminals.