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And so, to my neighbours and to those flying overhead wondering how the countryside was so despoiled, I am sorry.
Such a beautiful stretch should not be despoiled by urban development.
This is a modest little road that is quiet and unassuming, but it seems to have been forgotten by the environmental services and it's a real shame it has been getting despoiled in this way.
International award-winning author Dan Wick presents The Devil's Tale, a witty novel that dares to postulate the question: what if Lucifer were in fact a benevolent devil (if such a thing can be said to exist) who wished to save an increasingly despoiled Earth from the rapacious consumption of cruel and ruthless humans?
I hope the United States--with help from your magazine and its readers--will manage to escape the planning blotches that have so despoiled the United Kingdom over the past 30 years.
The underpass linking the Low Simonside and Hillpark estates in Jarrow has been despoiled almost since the day it was opened in 1967.
The author details both the logging and strip mining that despoiled the area and the conservation work by organizations such as the Audubon Society and the Florida Wildlife Federation.
In 1538, when the abbey was suppressed and despoiled by Henry VIII's commissioners, the tombs of Alfred, his wife, his son and successor, Edward the Elder, were not spared.
Further, the environment on which the product's longevity depends should not be so despoiled that it one day might no longer be able to produce.
The multicolored but muted drawings feel darkly conspiratorial--depictions of a cabalistic technological force comprising selfish, omnivorous mechanical mutants who metastasize unchecked across a despoiled landscape.
The Los Angeles Times reported that there are 100 Pemex-related "environmental emergencies" each year in Veracruz, the site of the December 22 spill that despoiled the Coatzocoalcos River near the Gulf of Mexico.
Even then the mobs that attacked and despoiled Jews were often led by nobles and higher clergy who saw opportunities for expropriating property or evading repayment of debts to Jewish creditors.