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11) Omnia praesumuntur contra spoliatorem: "All things are presumed against the despoiler or wrongdoer.
But hope turned to alarm at the governor's choice of Barry Munitz, a former vice president of clearcutter and Headwaters despoiler Maxxam, to head his transition team.
The dragon has laid waste the countryside and carried away the king's daughter, and while the storyline will be familiar to readers of other texts than this, the position it occupies within the economy of the narrative conserves the invariant features of a struggle against a despoiler of lands and women, those two central currencies of aristocratic feudal exchange.
Shattered that an animal species I had loved and even trusted since childhood should turn out to be such a brutal despoiler of the ecosystem, I staggered upstairs to my study, hoping to take consolation from listening to a new compact disk I had purchased.
Through the entire mess, "perhaps the character of the former husband stands forth as worthy of the greatest admiration," he said, though he did allow that it was "a pity that Obenchain did not feel the necessity of laying a heavy hand on the despoiler of his home.
William Rufus, William the Conqueror's successor, "was greedy, hateful, revengeful, inconstant in purpose, unfaithful to all, impious and a despoiler of the church, and highly irregular in his private life.
The misfortune of his master, his oppressor, despoiler, pillager, of the man who laid waste his town and killed his dear ones under his very eyes.
Instantly Richard morphs from wayward son to traitor, enemy, and despoiler of his father's way of life.
Henry fantasizes about Charles Bon ("by whom he [Henry] would be despoiled, choose for despoiler, if he could become, metamorphose into the sister, the mistress, the bride" [77]) as he would about a lover, and the greatest barrier to their union is their similarity of gender.
Bishop Wright told the Holy Name men gathered for the weekend activities that the "Holy Name Society in our day has taken on a new urgency" out of the hierarchy's call for a new "crusade of prayer, of piety and of spiritual struggle as the Church of God battles in the realm of ideas and on the front of faith to redeem the minds and hearts of those captive by the new infidel of the East [communism], no less the despoiler of Christian persons, places and things than was the Turk of old.
The government of Guillermo Endara, intent on eradicating all vestiges of the military regime, has gone after Torrijos with a vengeance, casting him as the despoiler of Panamanian democracy.
Across the road are barren, half-square-mile cuts where Roseburg Forest Products is rapidly stripping and poisoning lands the company acquired from International Paper Company, another out-of-state despoiler.